North Memorial Family Medicine Residency Program


The North Memorial Family Medicine Residency Program prepares residents for future practice by combining clinical training in an urban, underserved, culturally diverse community with a high intensity, full spectrum hospital experience. Community outreach is an integral part of the North Memorial residency experience. 

The clinic is a certified health care home that has been an anchor in the North Minneapolis community for more than 40 years. The hospital is a primary care focused tertiary center with a Level I Trauma Center. 

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Life as a North Memorial family medicine resident

Meet Trent, a family medicine resident at North Memorial. It is important to him to receive full spectrum family medicine residency training that will prepare him for any practice. Watch the video to find out why North Memorial is the right place for him.

Curriculum highlights

  • Longitudinal tracks in underserved and international medicine, sports medicine, research, osteopathic medicine, and comprehensive reproductive health training
  • High volume inpatient medicine experience
  • High risk, high volume obstetrics

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